If you have an online giving account that was established prior to December 2015, CLICK HERE to access your Cashlinq account.  


What happened to Cashlinq?

In a move to support your generosity, we’re implementing a new way to give called Pushpay and we are phasing out Cashlinq over the next few months.   Pushpay is an industry-leading giving platform that will make giving simpler and quicker for you, and will integrate seamlessly with our church database system.  With Pushpay you can

  • Give easily, quickly, and securely
  • Store multiple cards and bank accounts
  • Give recurring donations
  • Login to www.Pushpay.com and see your giving history


What do I do now?

If you have an existing cashlinq account with us that you established prior to December 2015, you can access/modify/cancel your account by clicking here to access the Cashlinq site.  We are immensely grateful for you generosity and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we would invite you to switch your giving account over to Pushpay.  Cashlinq will continue to work for several months as we want ensure that no gift is lost in the transition.  All of your contributions from both Cashlinq and Pushpay will be combined on all year end giving statements automatically.


How to Switch recurring gifts to Pushpay:

Step #1 –  Cancel scheduled gifts in Cashlinq  (Click here and then choose “Login” and then enter username and password and select “login & go to my profile”)

Step #2: Set up a new recurring gift using Pushpay
Click here to setup your automatic gift using Pushpay. The recurring gift option should already be selected and you can simply set up your automatic gift. After you set up your recurring gift, you will be prompted to complete the setup of your new account!

As always, if you have any questions, please call Kathy at 945-2777 X 223 or email kmcdonald@desertvineyard.org. We are so blessed that you have made the commitment to give in this way, and are honored that you have decided to help us continue to expand God’s family.