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Need Help? 

Life brings challenges and obstacles, but with God there's always hope and we are here to help.  Click the area that you need some help with:


We have trained volunteers that would love to talk to you if you are going through something difficult in your life. Peer counselors offer free one to one counseling for individuals that need someone to talk with and receive advice and support. We also train those interested in becoming peer counselors with extensive and practical training. If you wish to receive counseling, please complete the Peer Counseling Request Form, available online by clicking the button below or weekdays in the office and weekends at the Information Counter. If you are interested in our next training to become a peer counselor, please use the button below and someone will be in contact with you.

Divorce Care

If you have in the past or are currently experiencing the pain of divorce, we have a group for you called " Divorce Care".  All of the information for this  group can be found on the GROUPS PAGE.  

Financial Assistance

For members of our church family,  we have a benevolence fund to help out in times of crisis or emergency.   If you are a part of our church family and are in great financial need, please submit a  benevolence application.  These are available at our reception desk during regular business hours during the week (not on weekends).  For office hours & address, click here.  This is a limited resource and approvals are not guaranteed.


Every Monday, we serve a multi course hot meal for anyone that is hungry.  We call it  Monday Night Manna.  Our hope is that our guests will find friendship, encouragement and spiritual direction in a safe and friendly environment. Monday Night Manna is not only food for the body, but food for the soul.  Find details of time and location on our EVENTS page. 


Grief Share is a grief support group for people grieving the loss of someone close. This group is sponsored by people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time.  For more details, find Grief Share on our GROUPS page.

Marriage Crisis

We offer a class for all marriages called  Aspire: Reaching Towards a Thriving Marriage.  It is a 5-week class that can be started at any time and is designed to give all couples, whether married or engaged and overview of the five essential topics that that are critical to a healthy marriage.  Find the next class on our Events page.  If you are in crisis in your marriage, we have counseling available.  Please contact Pastor Audra for more information.  


We offer pre-marriage counseling to couples who are engaged or thinking about engagement. Our pre-marriage counselors are trained to help couples discover the joys and difficulties faced in marriage and prepare them for that big commitment. If you are wishing to be married at the Desert Vineyard or by one of our pastors you must complete the counseling and pre-marriage process. For more information on this process, contact Pastor Audra.

Mental health

Perceptions is a peer-to-peer faith-based mental health group that provides Christ’s compassion to individuals persevering through depression, anxiety, or mental illness. Together, we can work through our mental health issues rather than be “defined” by them.  For more details, find Perceptions on our GROUPS page.

Memorial Services

We provide memorial services for our church family and others as we are able. In some of the most difficult times, we find that helping to make the process of planning and coordinating memorial services can be overwhelming and expensive. Our memorial team comes alongside that process to ease the pressure and help bring comfort and love in the hardest of times. We take in food donations for memorial receptions held here at the church, and also serve the families with set up, food service, and clean up on the day of services.  If you are in need of a memorial service, contact Pastor Audra.


We  offer an 18-week series that covers principles of parenting for children of all ages. Topics include Learning to Parent from an Eternal Perspective, Building Relationship, Creating an Inviting Family Identity, Character Development, Moral Development, Discipline, Encouragement and more. This class is free and runs year round.  For more details, find the Parenting group on our GROUPS page.


We believe in the power of prayer.   At each of our weekend services, the Prayer Ministry Team is available at the front to pray for you in whatever challenge you're facing in life.  We have an intercessory prayer team that regularly prays for the needs of the church.  SUBMIT A PRAYER REQUEST.  If needed,  we'd also love to visit those who find themselves in hospital or home-bound care. We bring friendly faces and prayerful hearts to your bedside to help ease the stresses of that time.


Feeling stuck in an addiction or destructive behavior?  You don't have to stay that way.  Help and hope are available through God and through his church.  We have 4 groups that focus on freedom from some type of addiction:
Overcomer's Outreach (general addiction)
Celebrate Recovery (general addiction)
Men's LIFE (sexual integrity)
Breaking Free (women's recovery)
Full information including times and locations for these 4 groups are available on the GROUPS page, where you can also sign up to attend.


DV Vets group is a place for veterans to  enjoy good company, a delicious breakfast, and gain the resources and help needed to navigate the complexity of VA benefits.  This group is open to all interested California Veterans & family members. For more information, find the DV Vets Group on our GROUPS page