Special Guest Series – Week 3, Pastor David Swift

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2 thoughts on “Special Guest Series – Week 3, Pastor David Swift

  1. Not knowing what to expect, I have been pleasantly surprised by our first two guest speakers, since Pastor david has been out. Todd Proctor’s message was a great reminder to prepare for worship and praise before the worship team starts, before we hit the parking lot, even before we leave our homes. Prepare to enter into worship. Good job, Todd. Then, for those of us who have a heart for missions, Tri Robinson rocked the house with his vision taken out of Isaiah 58 and what he shared last Sunday night in the surf shack about ministry outreach to Nicaragua! Now, some of us old guys are asking God if we can be part of that ministry. Obviously, I look forward to Pastor David’s return, but so far the guest speakers have done an excellent job in his absence.

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