Office Phone: (661)945-2777

General Information Email:

Alphabetical Staff Directory:

Ali, Larry
Executive Pastor
Ext. 219

Ali, Theresa
Calendar and Facilities Coordinator
Ext. 259

Andal, Ariel
AV Community Fundraising Card Coordinator
Ext. 254

Baez, Priscilla
Administrative Assistant to David Swift
Ext. 226

Carrithers, Caroline
Business Administrator
Ext. 225

Castellanos, Diego
Technical Director
Ext. 202

Cooksey, Roxann
Office Manager/Accounting Assistant
Ext. 224

Corlew, Ashlei
Graphic Designer
Ext. 221

Corlew, Jordan
High School Pastor
Ext. 243

Galloway, Barry
Tehachapi Mountain Vineyard Pastor
Ext. 207

Galloway, Saundra
Tehachapi Mountain Vineyard Community Pastor
Ext. 207

Gondek, Angelina
Care Ministries Assistant
Ext. 277

Hanley, Rebecca
Facilities Manager
Ext. 270

Hanley, Richard
Community Pastor

Hernandez, Andrea
Courtyard Cafe Co-Manager & Operations Assistant
Ext. 278

Hernandez, Mike
Middle School Pastor
Ext. 243

Houser, Ana
DV Kids Midweek Coordinator
Ext. 255

Irwin, Steve
Community Pastor

Lexin, Audra
Care Ministries Pastor
Ext. 217

Mallett, Shane
Director of Security
Ext. 100

Jones, Kimberly
DV Kid’s Early Childhood Administrator
Ext. 253

McDonald, Kathy
Ext. 223

Meramble, Michael
Operations Pastor
Ext. 240

Moreno, Zero
Courtyard Cafe Co-Manager
Ext. 261

Moss, Jodi
DV Kid’s Early Childhood Coordinator
Ext. 252

Noriega, Jorge
Latino Community Pastor

Parker, David
Lead Pastor

Parker, Nancy
Women’s Ministry Director
Ext. 212

Pollock, Brennon
Pastoral Intern
Ext. 271

Roseborough, Crystal
Assistant to Larry Ali and Jonathan Rue
Ext. 260

Rue, Jonathan
Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development Pastor
Ext. 260

Squires, January
Worship Ministry Director
Ext. 244

Squires, Rick
Community Pastor

Swidow, Amy
DV Kid’s Elementary Administrator
Ext. 268

Swift, David
Compassion Ministry & Palmdale Desert Vineyard Pastor
Ext. 264

Thompson, Cherri
Women’s Ministry Assistant
Ext. 246

Waddle, Stacy
Community Pastor

Wangsgard, Chris
Marriage and Family Pastor
Ext. 215

Wangsgard, Kathy
Vineyard Life
Ext. 258

Woolery, Laurie
Assistant to David Parker
Ext. 213