Update #17: April 27, 2017

Preliminary results from Pastor David’s most recent PET scan showed no spread of the cancer. This is such good news! Continue to pray for him as we hope he has many, many more scans like this in the future.

DV Staff

Update #16: March 5th, 2017

Pastor David is recovering from his surgery and feeling better everyday. The tumor was taken out with clear margins, which is great news. However, the pathology report showed that the tumor was not completely dead, which meant that the chemotherapy treatments did not work as well as hoped on his form of cancer. Currently, the plan is to wait and see. David will be scanned again in the coming months to see if any cancer returns. Until then he will just be recovering from surgery and preaching more! We are excited that he will be with us on the weekends of March 4th and 5th, March 18th and 19th and Easter Sunday. Continue to pray that the scans he gets come back clear, it would be miraculous if these scans continue to be clear a year from now and beyond.

DV Staff

Update #15: February 7th, 2017

David will be going in for surgery tomorrow (Wednesday Feb 8) to have the cancerous tumor on his scalp removed. Since the cancer he is battling is systemic, removal of the tumor is less of a concern than the propensity for spreading. Removal of the tumor and the pathology results after are expected to be critical in determining the effectiveness of the chemo and radiation treatments and what treatments will be used in the future.

We are thrilled to report that the recent PET scan results came back clear today. Praise the Lord! These are the best results possible from the scans and we are hopeful after the tumor is removed and tests are done that it will show the same!

Please pray for the surgery to go well and the lab work on the tumor (being removed tomorrow) to show the cancer has been eradicated.

DV Staff

Update #14: January 11, 2017

David just finished his appointment with a surgeon yesterday, his surgery is scheduled for February 8th. He will have another PET scan prior to surgery. If the cancer shows up anywhere else then he won’t have the surgery. David may have more chemo after the surgery, which is discouraging but as Nancy writes “God remains as ever, the biggest factor, and we will continue to trust Him🙂”

DV Staff

Update #13: December 29, 2016

David continues with his radiation treatments today. He will have a couple more next week and those treatments will be finished. He is feeling the cumulative effects of treatments which include fatigue and weariness. Following radiation they will schedule surgery. David and Nancy are happy to have the majority their family home for Christmas, and continue to be grateful for all the love and prayers going out on David’s behalf.

DV Staff

Update #12: December 9, 2016

Today David completes his second week of radiation treatments. Unfortunately he is battling a cold and flu like symptoms (perhaps due to a weakened immune system from the chemo). He is feeling the worst he has since the chemo and radiation treatments began. It is not clear if this is due to the flu/cold, or the combination of the residual effects of chemo and now radiation treatments.

Please continue to pray for God’s comfort and grace and ultimate healing for David. Also Nancy is in Mexico where their daughter Lindy has just had her newborn baby Kobe! Lindy and Kobe are doing great and bring much joy to the Parker family!

DV Staff

Update #11: November 18, 2016

David went to see his radiation oncologist yesterday (Thursday) for consultation and to be fitted with the apparatus that assists in the mapping of the radiation treatments. The good news is that they have determined to do electron therapy which is evidently more shallow and less aggressive or damaging to the surrounding area. Thereby not affecting the brain as much and minimizing side affects. David’s first appointment will be following Thanksgiving on Monday Nov 28th. Radiation treatments are planned to go for five consecutive weeks with treatments daily except on weekends. David & Nancy express their continual thanks for your prayers.

DV Staff

Update #10: November 15, 2016

David went to see his Medical Oncologist on Monday (Nov 14). They determined that the chemo therapy was not as successful as was hoped for, and therefore determined to discontinue further chemo treatments and move towards radiation. David will be meeting with the radiation oncologist Thursday the 17th for orientation and fitting of some apparatus to assist in effectively directing the radiation to the desired treatment location. It is of utmost importance that the radiation be precise. Radiation treatments are expected to be daily, five days a week for a five week period. The start and end dates have not yet been confirmed.

DV Staff

Update #9: October 25, 2016

David started his second round of Chemo Monday October 17th. This is the second round with infusions lasting a 30 day cycle. David continues to experience uncomfortable side effects. Please pray for these to be minimized, while allowing the Chemo to be effective in eradicating any cancers in his body, (which according to doctors would be miraculous). Please continue to pray for David’s complete healing.

DV Staff

Update #8: October 4, 2016

David started his first round of Chemo treatments on September 19 and since the beginning of his treatment side effects seem to be gradually increasing. These include neuropathy (pain and numbness of the extremities), nausea or flu-like symptoms and generally “feeling pretty blah and tired” as David has put it. He remains positive saying, “compared to what I could be feeling… I’m doing great.”

Please continue to pray that the Chemo is effective in eradicating any cancer from his body and for the side effects to be minimal or go away completely.

DV Staff

Update #7: Sept 13, 2016

Over the weekend David’s PET Scan results came back and were clear of any cancer. The Parkers, David’s doctors and all of us are so encouraged by this news. The fight now will be against the cancer that is contained locally and against any attempts for it to spread. Please continue to pray with us for the treatments that will be beginning soon and for strength of David’s body.

DV Staff

Update #6: Sept 9, 2016

Test results from David’s MRI came back with no indication that the cancer has spread to the brain. Praise God for his answer to our prayers for this! We rejoice with David and Nancy to hear this very positive news. We are still awaiting the official test results from yesterday’s PET scan. Yesterday’s meetings with his primary doctor along with the Oncologist and Radio Oncologist went well with encouraging words and optimism about treatment. A treatment plan was adopted that will include two initial chemotherapy treatments over a two-month period, followed by five weeks of radiation and then surgery.

David and Nancy continue to thank everyone for their prayers, and God for his faithfulness through this difficult time. They are feeling encouraged and hopeful.

DV Staff


Update #5: Sept 6, 2016

Please continue to pray for Pastor David this week. He will be having an MRI done on Wednesday and a PET Scan done on Thursday. We will also continue our morning prayer meetings in the Cafe Sanctuary, from 8am-9am through Friday of this week, if you want to come and pray with others. Remember to use #parkerprayer for all social media postings so David and Nancy can find all the encouraging words and prayers being posted on those sites and apps.

DV Staff


Update #4: Sept 1, 2016

David met with a doctor at Cedars Sinai yesterday (Wednesday) in order to receive a second opinion. This doctor is also a specialist with this type of cancer. David & Nancy both left the appointment a bit confused and discouraged. The doctor was less encouraging and recommended a different course of treatment than the previous specialist at UCLA. This doctor recommended that surgery take place first, followed by radiation and or chemotherapy. This poses a challenge for David to decide which direction to take. Additionally, they have been informed that the PET scan that will help determine if the cancer has spread, could not be scheduled until Thursday of next week (Sept 8).

David & Nancy again shared how grateful they are for the many prayers going out on their behalf. Prayers that lift their hearts and that have the power to bring about miracles through God’s grace. David shared that he knows God is with him. He and Nancy have asked that we continue to press on in prayer for wisdom regarding the best course of treatment. For the cancer to be contained, removed and never return.

Many have inquired if there is a fund that they could donate to on David’s behalf. David has excellent insurance coverage that enables him to see the best doctors available. However, this insurance does have a high deductible and there are other related expenses (travel, hotels and meals etc.) that they will incur through this time. Therefore, we have established a special fund in David’s name. To contribute simply place “For David Fund” on your check or on the envelope and we will direct these funds to him.

DV Staff


Update #3: August 29, 2016

David’s Tuesday appointment with an Oncologist at UCLA Medical Center was bumped up to today. Overall David and Nancy were encouraged. The doctor said that this type of cancer is very diffuse in that it doesn’t generally stay contained in one area and is hard to pinpoint. However, the doctor’s initial impression was that in David’s case the cancer may be more localized and that David has a real chance at beating this. The Oncologist is part of a team of specialists at UCLA that comprise one of three top specialists in the country for this type of cancer. The Oncologist is scheduling an MRI and PET scan that will help clarify whether or not the cancer has spread. He will be meeting with the team and together they will determine the best course of treatment. The doctor said that generally the course of treatment isn’t typically like other cancers where the first step is to perform surgery. Rather in this type of cancer radiation seems to be the most effective first step to help arrest it and help prevent further spreading. This would likely be followed up with surgery and likely chemotherapy.

David and Nancy said that they are encouraged and touched by the prayers going out on their behalf. They asked that we pray for God’s continued grace and mercy, that the cancer is truly contained and arrested, and for strength for David’s physical body to fight this cancer and endure what can be a very difficult radiation treatment that is expected to begin soon. David will also be seeing another specialist tomorrow at Cedars Sinai, and hopes that he will be able to be at church to share and/or preach this weekend.

DV Staff


Update #2: August 28, 2016

Please join us this coming week for a morning prayer meeting for Pastor David. We will be meeting in the Prayer Room from 8am to 9am Monday through Friday this week, August 29 – September 2. Everyone is welcome to come to one or all of these times of prayer lifting up Pastor David and his family and leaning into God in faith for this coming week of tests being performed and decisions being made regarding treatment.

DV Staff


Update #1: August 27, 2016

Several months ago pastor David had a mole removed that turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. Since that time he has returned to the doctor to investigate two other skin issues that brought concern. One of these was on his scalp, which was biopsied and sent to the lab for testing. The test results came back on Thursday August 25th confirming a rare form of cancer known as angiosarcoma. While this cancer is typically considered aggressive it can be more or less so depending on many variables. To date there is not adequate information for a prognosis or full course of treatment to be established. David is scheduled to see specialists at UCLA Medical Center and Cedars Sinai this Tuesday and Wednesday. He has been informed that they will want to perform surgery as soon as possible to remove this cancer in it’s entirety.

David & Nancy are both doing as well as can be expected. They are facing things squarely (honestly and realistically) while remaining full of faith and hope in the Lord. There have been tears along side some of the best medicine (laughter among friends), and prayer. They expressed gratitude for the many prayers on their behalf. We will continue to post updates as we learn more.

DV Staff