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If you’re going through something hard in your life, we want to help.  We all have times when we need someone to talk to or someone to reach out with compassion and care.  In our care ministry, we reach out with love and care in these ways; through trained volunteers that provide peer counseling, through prayer in person and through our prayer list, through memorial services, and through hospital and home visits.

Prayer Request

Caregivers | Food and Hospital Visitation

Our Caregivers ministry is two-fold. The first is to take in food donations for memorial services here at the church. We do everything we can to support families grieving a loss and attempt to remove the large cost and difficulty of preparing a memorial service. Secondly, Caregivers sends people out to visit those who find themselves in hospital care. We bring friendly faces and prayerful hearts to your bedside to help ease the stresses of that time.

Prayer Team

We believe in the power and the necessity of prayer in all aspects of our lives. At each of our weekend services, the Prayer Ministry team provides intercession and prayer for salvation, comfort, and understanding for anyone who has need. If you have a sympathetic heart and would like to intercede on behalf of our church and its members consider joining our prayer team.

Memorial Services

We provide memorial services for our church family and others as we are able. In some of the most difficult times, we find that helping to make the process of planning and coordinating memorial services can be overwhelming and expensive. Our memorial team comes alongside that process to ease the pressure and help bring comfort and love in the hardest of times.

Peer Counseling

We have trained volunteers that would love to talk to you if you are going through something difficult in your life. Peer counseling offer free one to one counseling for individuals that need someone to talk with and receive advice and support. We also train those interested in becoming peer counselors with extensive and practical training.





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